Have You Wanted To Learn The Art Of Plaster Relief Or Improve Your Skills? But...you just can't get to my studio or don't think you have the time?

Join me for my 2023 online program, Getting Plastered With Ellie, I’ll share 12 plaster relief projects with you (plus a bonus secret one!), each month throughout the year.  

Sculpted Pinecones 

Heron In Flight

Octopus and Bubbles

Contemporary Mixed Media

So Many options!

Create One Unique Piece Each Month For 12 Months

In this year long program, I’ll teach you how to create beautiful Bas Relief (plaster relief) art pieces on a smaller scale (most will be 11″x14″), working your way up from a simple design to more detailed designs as we move through each project.

Each project will have a unique twist so by the end of the year you’ll have an incredible amount of creative plaster relief skills!


This is a great opportunity to create a body of work!  

Gift Them!

If plaster relief is a hobby for you, you can use your pieces either for yourself, or as special gifts for family, and friends.  

Add Them To Your Portfolio!

If you are a professional faux finisher or decorative artisan, you can use the pieces as samples for your portfolio, and wow your clients!

Sell Them!

If you are a fine artist and would like to create stunning and unique art pieces, you can sell your pieces at art fairs, in art galleries, or on your own website.

Once You Learn The Techniques, A Whole New World Will Open Up For You!

Plaster relief (or Bas Relief) is an ancient art form dating back thousands of years.  There are many examples of ancient Bas Relief found around the world. 

Bas Relief is creating a three dimensional art form on a flat surface such as a wood panel (as we will do in these classes), or on surfaces like a wall or cabinet facing.  It can be applied both on interiors and exteriors depending on the type of plaster used, and the application process.

Hi!  I’m Ellie Ellis!

I am a plaster relief decorative artistan with a specialty is three-dimensional wall sculpting (Bas Relief). I have developed an innovative process for creating and duplicating design elements and blending them in with a unique style of hand sculpted background components. I am also a Certified Master Stencilist (CMS), and trained in Trompe L’oeil, Pompeian and Parisian Fresco, and a host of faux finishes and textures for plasters, concrete, and wood.

I love to teach and I focus on presenting the subject material in a concise and organized manner.  Students develop new skills with each class, will finish with a beautiful piece of art each month, and be inspired and excited to create the next piece!  All skill levels are welcome whether you are a professional decorative artist, fine artist or hobbyist!  See you in class!                        ~Ellie


Ellie, the class I took at your studio was one of the absolute best, most creative classes I had the privilege to participate in. Besides being one of the most gracious, caring, loving, wonderful persons on this planet, your instruction, patience, and gift of sharing your art was an experience I will treasure. I couldn’t believe what we were able to learn and accomplish in 3 short days. I can’t wait to use my new skills out in the real world..it is a fascinating, addicting and beautiful medium and there are endless ways to incorporate this into my business. I would gladly take many more classes from you and I look forward to the next one. Anyone and everyone should consider this class as something incredible to learn..even if you think you could never carve and create something, you will be amazed at how easily Ellie walks you through the process, and the masterpiece you will go home with!”

-Anna Sadler

What’s Included In This Program

Online & Live Instruction

Students will have access to all the online video instructions, downloads, templates, and supply lists each month.  Live sessions with me will be held once a month via Zoom, where you can see live instruction for creating details, and have an opportunity to ask questions.  All live sessions will be recorded.

Templates & Downloads

Included in the online program are detailed, downloadable supply lists, templates for each month’s design, step by step written instructions that accompany the video recordings, live sessions, bonus lessons, and so much more!

Private Community 

Our private student community will be hosted within the program itself through your online dashboard.  No more Facebook ads, or confusing posts, just all of us talking all things Bas Relief!  You’ll be able to ask questions here, share your work, and connect with me, and other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Is this a year long program, or a monthly membership? This is a year long program that includes one project each month.  Students will learn how to build their skills over the year, learn many unique techniques for working with plaster, and adding interesting mixed media, and end with a body of work.

*What is pre-registration?  The pre-registration period gives students an opportunity to register prior to the publication of the program with early bird specials, and bonuses.  Be sure to be on the email list to receive information.

*When will the program be available?  The current program is currently closed to new students.  I am gathering names of students who may be interested in a second group launching July, 2023.

*What about pricing?  More information will be available prior to the next launch.

*What if I miss a live session?  No worries! The live sessions will be recorded and added to the dashboard every month.

*Can I do this at my own pace?  Absolutely!  Most of the projects take between 4-12 hours to complete including drying time for plaster and paint.  We’ll talk about how to manage that time at the beginning of the program.

*What if I don’t have any experience? It’s helpful if you have some creative experience but we’ll be starting with some basic lessons to get used to working with the plaster so all skill levels are welcome!

*Can I share the class with a friend? Sorry, but definitely not!  All students need to be paid registrants to participate.

*What about supplies? There will be a general supply list available with the supplies, and materials you will use throughout the year.  Depending on where you live, the cost should be between $175-$200 for the year.  Additional smaller items will be used in specific projects but many supplies can be found at your local Dollar Store or you may already have them!

Group photo of student-artists in one of Ellie's classes

July 2023 Session Being Considered! Be sure to get on the interest list!